Leopard Gecko


Leopard gecko

Scientific Name

Eublepharis macularius


The leopard gecko is so-called due to its distinct ‘spotty’ patterning. Its skin is covered in knob-like bumps which gives it the appearance of looking very rough. However, the gecko’s skin is actually very smooth to touch.

The leopard gecko is native to parts of the Middle East and Asia. They tend to be found in dry grassland and rocky desert areas. These lizards are mostly ground-dwelling.

This species of gecko is part of the Eublepharis family which is the only family of geckos that have moveable eyelids. Most geckos have scales on their eyes to protect them and lick their eyeballs to keep them clean. However, due to the presence of eyelids, the leopard gecko is able to blink and sleep with its eyes shut. 


In the wild, leopard geckos eat small lizards, insects, spiders and scorpions.

Size Fact

They can grow up to 25cm from head to tail.

Food Fact

After shedding, leopard geckos eat their own skin!

Fun Fact

Leopard geckos are incredibly docile; because of this they make popular pets.

IUCN Red list

The leopard gecko is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

Where do I live?

They can be found in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and north-western India.

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