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Ducks are medium-sized, aquatic birds. They spend much of their time on water and are excellent divers. Unlike other aquatic birds like geese and swans, most ducks are able to dive under the water to catch food. They also search for food on land.

Ducks are well-adapted for life on water. Their feathers keep them dry and warm and they have webbed feet to help propel them through the water.

Ducks are farmed for their meat and for their eggs. They are also farmed for down (their feathers) which is an excellent thermal insulator. Down is commonly used to fill duvets, pillows and coats.

We have a range of different breeds of duck at Noah's Ark including: the Indian Runner, Call, Aylesbury and Muscovy cross. You may also see some wild Mallard ducks who like to come and go as they please!


Ducks are omnivores. They have a broad diet and eat a range of foods including fish, grass, fruit and seeds.

Size Fact

The average duck weighs between 1-2 Kg.

Food Fact

Ducks can dive up to 12 feet deep for food!

Fun Fact

Ducks waddle because their webbed feet prevent them from walking smoothly on land.

IUCN Red list

Our ducks are listed as Least Concern on the IUCN red list. 

Where do I live?

Muscovy ducks are from central and south America.

Indian Runner ducks are from Asia.

Aylesbury and Call ducks are both from Europe.

Meet me in real life

You can enter the walk-through aviary and feed the Ducks.

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