Alexandrine parakeet

Alexandrine parakeet

Name                Alexandrine parakeet

Scientific Name

Psittacula eupatria


The Alexandrine parakeet is a striking bird, characterised by its vibrant green feathers and long tail. This bird also has distinctive maroon-coloured shoulder patches.

This type of parakeet is sexually dimorphic (which means there are clear differences between the female and male). The male has a distinctive pink colour around the back of its neck and a black stipe across the front of its neck whereas the females lack this feature.

There are 5 different sub-species of Alexandrine parakeet and all vary slightly in colour. 


These birds eat nectar, seeds, buds, flowers and fruits.

Size Fact

Alexandrine parakeets can grow up to 60cm in length. Half of this length is made up by their tail feathers.

Food Fact

Alexandrine parakeets are herbivores.

Fun Fact

These birds are becoming a common sight in some European cities as escaped pets become established in the wild!

IUCN Red list

Alexandrine parakeets are listed on the IUCN red list as near threatened.

Where do I live?

This bird originates from South and South-eastern Asia.

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