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Calling all parents and teachers!

Here at Zoo School we are working hard to support our local and wider community during these difficult times. Let us know how we can help YOU educate, entertain and inspire your children whilst they are at home.

The Education Team have been working on resources for your little ones to take part in from home whilst the zoo is closed. All of our resources are based on the National Curriculum and are prepared by qualified teachers.

Our top tips for home educating:

  • Stay active - working from home doesn't mean you need to be tied to a desk. Why not try our Zoo Games in your house or garden (scroll down!)


  • Use online resources - pick an animal to research. Did you know we have an A-Z of our animals on our website which can help you?

Animal A-Z

  • Write letters and draw pictures - it helps with handwriting and literacy. Why not ask your children to write to our animals and keepers? Send them to us via email ( and we will do our best to respond as soon as we can. 


  • Don't recreate the wheel - there are plenty of online resources to help you through, you don't have to make it up from scratch! Find our zoo themed resources in the links below. 


  • Reading - is a life long skill and can transport your little ones into imaginary worlds. Why not read some of the books recommended by our keepers?




Zoo Games

Amazing Animal Quiz 

Amazing Animal Quiz - the answers!

Amazing Adaptations 

Bug Bonanza Quiz

Bug Bonanza Quiz - the answers!

Africa - Drawings

African Crafts and Stories

Africa - Maths

Rainforest Animals 

African Animals


Reading List



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