Explorers Escape

The project

The team at Explorers Escape recently embarked on documenting the last descent of the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. This river is about to be dammed which could have disastrous effects on the ecosystem.

The education programme

Noah's Ark teamed up with Explorers Escape to deliver an education programme to eleven schools in the local Somerset area. 'The Last Descent' education programme focused on the consequences of damming the Blue Nile and how the local ecosystem and african animals could be affected.

The education programme itself lasted for three weeks:

Week one - The expedition

Week two - Crocodiles (sponsored by Crocodiles of the world)

Week three - African Animals (sponsored by Noah's Ark Zoo Farm)

African Animal week took a close look at some of the African animals cared for at Noah's Ark. Classes learnt some fun animal facts, made some amazing crafts and thought about some important conservation topics. 

The journey

The expedition team paddled down the Blue Nile river for 35 days on stand up paddle boards. During the journey, the team was able to get to know some of the local communties and found some exciting wildlife. The entire journey was filmed and the team is currently in the process of editing a short documentary. Once complete, the documentary will be previewed at the eleven schools.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting project or our Amazing Africa workshops, please contact our education team: paula.takle@noahsarkzoofarm.co.uk.

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