Pumpkin Fest

Our first ever pumpkin patch!

Come to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm this October for a month full of smashing activities. For the first time ever we are having a Pumpkin Patch! There will be all sorts going on within the patch, including the opportunity to pick and carve Pumpkins, Pumpkin Skittles (with real pumpkins) and more! We will also be having an Animal themed Pumpkin trail.

Saturday 5th October to Saturday 2nd


Pumpkin Trail

Come along to take part in our Animal themed pumpkin trail.  See if you can help us find the hidden Pumpkins on your way around the zoo.

Pumpkin Sports 

Throughout the day head over to our Pumpkin Bowling alley in front of the entrance to the maze. How many pins can you knock down with a Pumpkin?

Pumpkins for the Animals

Throughout the holiday our animals will also be getting involved. Did you know many of our animals including Elephants, Skunks, Capybaras and Giant Tortoises love to eat Pumpkins. Pumpkins also act as great enrichment items for our other animals as we can hide tasty treats inside. Explore the zoo each day to see which animals are being given some tasty Halloween treats.

Café Treats

After an exciting day of Pumpkin fun, take a break in our Food Barn for some tasty, spooktacular treats.


October Half Term Activities 

Saturday 26th October to Saturday 2nd November

Pumpkin Patch

For the first time ever, you will be able to pick your very own pumpkin here at the zoo! Please keep an eye on this space for the specific dates and pumpkin prices.

Pumpkin Carving - 26 October to 31st October

As well as picking your Pumpkin, why not show off your artistic skills and carve it here for free? 

Creepy Crawly Encounters

From Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November, come and meet some real life critters! Get up close to a range of bugs including Snails, Cockroaches and Stick Insects. Bug encounters will be at 11am in the Zoo Education Room between these dates.

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