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Christmas cheer 'ONLINE'

Our next Home Educator event at the zoo is taking place on the 14th, 15th and 16th December and this festive season we are focusing on acts of kindness. This year we have created a Countdown for Christmas Advent Calendar Trail around the zoo containing lots of Christmas activity ideas, focusing on promoting the well being of those visiting the zoo and those at home. However, we appreciate that not everyone will be able to visit due to current restrictions. Therefore, we have made a special 'Countdown to Christmas' event available online for you to enjoy. Festive fact, Christmas act and colouring in opportunities. Every day, from 1st - 24th December, we will add more to our advent calendar. 

Advent 1

Advent 2 

Advent 3 

Advent 4

Advent 5

Advent 6

Advent 7

Advent 8

Advent 9

Advent 10

Advent 11

Advent 12 

Advent 13

Advent 14

Advent 15

Advent 16

Advent 17

Advent 18

Advent 19 

Advent 20

Advent 21

Advent 22

Advent 23

Advent 24

Advent 25

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