Snakes and Pumpkins

Saturday 20th October to Saturday 3rd November 2018

Venomous Snake Shows

Venomous Snake Shows - This year Pete Blake will be returning to present his UK exclusive Venomous Snake Shows with a couple of extra

friends! Watch in anticipation as Pete shows off some of the world’s deadliest snakes including: multiple species of Cobra, Green Mamba, Taipan, Rattlesnake, Puff Adder and a Saw Scale Viper.

The shows will be held at 12.30pm and 2.30pm each day in the Ark Arena and is free for all visitors to attend.

What’s more to get in the Halloween spirit Pete will be displaying deadly spiders, scorpions and other creepy crawlies.


Pumpkin Fest

If bugs and reptiles aren’t your thing, fear not! Back by popular demand our Pumpkin Fest will be in full swing this Halloween.

Pumpkin CarvingJoin us every day this October half term for some Pumpkin Carving fun. This year in keeping with our sustainable ethos we've actually grown our own Pumpkins here at the zoo for you to enjoy. Show off your artistic skills and carve a pumpkin to take home for just £3. Pumpkin carving will take place every day 1pm in the education classroom.

Pumpkins for the animals - Throughout the holiday our animals will also be getting involved. Did you know many of our animals including Elephants, Skunks, Capybaras and Giant Tortoises love to eat Pumpkins. Pumpkins also act as great enrichment items for our other animals as we can hide tasty treats inside. Explore the zoo each day to see which animals are being given some tasty Halloween treats.

Café Treats - After an exciting day of Pumpkin fun take a break in our Food Barn for some tasty Halloween themed treats. 

Pumpkin sports - Everyone's favourite Pumpkin sport is back this year! Everyday at 2:00pm head to Rhino Hill for a race like no other. Grab a Pumpkin and race after it down the hill. We're not afraid of a few smashed pumpkins. This daily event is free for all visitors to enjoy.

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