Around the world in 37 Days

Summer 2018 at the ark!

The zoo homes a diverse range of wildlife that stretches to the far corners of the Earth. To celebrate this we’re taking a trip around the continents during the summer holidays.

From deep down under to farthest Russia, you won’t get much more cultured than this in North Somerset.

Grab a trail map and you can be entered into a chance to win a Keeper Experience!

Sat 21 Jul 2018 – Sat 28 July 2018 Asia Week

To celebrate International Tiger Day, we’re going to dedicate Asia week to raising awareness about the Tiger’s plight. Take our self-lead Tiger trail and let us know how much you think saving the Tiger is worth with an optional donation. The donation will go towards Tiger Awareness UK. We’ll also be putting the species spotlight on Siamang Gibbons, Tamarins, Yemen Chameleon, Bactrian Camels, Geese, Ducks, Peafowl and many more! Also don’t miss our Carnivore & Curry Night fundraising for Tiger Awareness UK.

30 July – 3 Aug - Australia Week

Australia is not just Kangaroos & Koala’s. At Noah’s Ark we’re highlighting the animals we have from the land down under!

Go walkabout at the zoo with special talks on our Emu’s, Wallabies, Kune Kune Pig, Rosella’s, Blue Tongued-Skink and Bredl’s Python.

What’s more the zoo will be serving a dinky-di Australian special in the café and we’ll be supporting the Primates & Small Mammals chosen charity World Land Trust. 

Sat 4 – Sat 18 Aug – Africa Fortnight

The event to be at this year at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm! Africa Fortnight commences with the return of our African Carnival. This year we’re teaming up with Unika Dance Events & Safina Lion Conservation Trust to support Lions! For more info please see our African Carnival event page.

All our big zoo animals (with the exception of our Tigers) originate from Africa. That includes White Rhinos, African Elephants, Zebra, Giant Tortoises, Ostrich, African Lions and Giraffe. We also have a lot a small animals at the zoo that are from the African continent including Meerkats, Porcupines, Lemurs, Geckos, Sun Beatle, Crocodile, Land Snails, Crane’s, Hornbills and Vultures.

Take our African trail to see if you can find all the African natives around the zoo. What’s more special talks will take place from each keeper section. Also we'll be doing Mini Africa Handling sessions everyday in the Classroom.

And of course on Saturday 11 August, the Elephant keepers will be hosting our World Elephant Day event to raise money for The Bees & Elephant Project. More information to come on this event in June.

During the second week of Africa fortnight, 13-18 August we’ll be fundraising for World Land Trust. If you want to learn more about our supported charities please see our conservation page.

Mon 20 – Sat 25 Aug Europe Week

We’ll be focusing our native species with a week dedicated to farm favourite’s such as cows, birds of prey including our Steller’s Sea Eagle, deer, ducks, horses, sheep and goats!

We’ll also be focusing on conservation for native British wildlife and you’ll have a chance to support the Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust - our Bird & Reptiles keepers chosen charity. Learn about native reptiles such as Adders & Newts from our dedicated keepers.

27 Aug – 3 Sept America Week

The final week of summer will be upon us and we’ll trailing our North & South American animals around the zoo.

We’ll be focusing on our South American animals up in Viva South America such as our Capybara, Mara and Tapir as well as our Andean Bears, Llamas, Alpacas & Rheas. You can also take a trip to our Reptile House to meet our American inhabitants such as the Western Hognose Snake, Beaded Lizard, Chilean Rose Tarantula and Green Iguana along with our Blue Macaw & Amazonian Parrots. Then take a trip to North America and check out our Skunk, Bison & Terrapin. 

A trail map will be available for you to find all our South American species available in the ticket office. The zoo will be supporting the World Land Trust for the week and serving a traditional American dish in the café.

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