Update - 10/06/2020

We are thrilled at the news that zoos, safaris and farm parks can re-open from Monday 15th June and we look forward to hearing more detailed guidance this weekend. Here at Noah’s Ark, we have previously been preparing for a July opening. We are now working closely with our local authorities, with the aim of re-opening by the end of June, to ensure we can offer visitors a safe environment to enjoy a great day out as well as safeguarding staff and animals. We cannot wait to have our visitors back with us at the zoo! Keep an eye on our website and social media, next week for news of our re-opening date.


Here at Noah’s Ark we rely entirely on visitors for our income – ticket sales and income from the café and gift shop is what keeps us afloat.

So being closed to the public is hugely challenging for us as we still need to feed and care for our animals and even in lockdown we need a team of 20 dedicated keepers working hard to care for our animals seven days a week. This all costs a lot of money and we’ve already extended our borrowing to the absolute limit.

We are now at a stage where we need to ask for help so that we can continue to feed and care for the 120 species of amazing animals here at Noah’s Ark, so we've launched the Animal Support Fund 

It costs us £8,000 each month to feed our animals and we are hoping we can raise this amount of money to help keep us going for the next month.

Each animal has different needs from elephants, rhinos and giraffes to gibbons, giant anteaters and meerkats. These are animals with specialist diets and they need skilled care from trained animal keepers.

Larry Bush, MD of Noah’s Ark said: “It’s been so moving to receive messages of support and generous donations from people who obviously love Noah’s Ark. This means so much to all of us and is helping us keep going through these difficult times.”

Please consider donating to help us feed and care for our animals -


Many of you have asked how you can donate to help us feed our animals, this is greatly appreciated and we can't thank everyone who is supporting us during this time enough.

To help us to care for all our animals at the zoo click on the link - to donate as much or as little as you want.

Thank you, we can’t wait to reopen and see you all when restrictions have been lifted. Stay safe!


Please go to our blog for our latest statement. 




Are you open?

We have taken the difficult decision to close Noah's Ark Zoo Farm to all visitors until further notice.

We know our amazing members and visitors have appreciated having outdoor spaces to visit over recent days and we have done our best to stay open as somewhere for you to get fresh air, which the Government are advising all of us to do. However, we need to continue to ensure everyone is safe and healthy and so we feel this is the best decision at this time. 

Please be assured, that even though we are closed, our Keepers will continue to give the best care for all our animals.


How are you protecting staff and volunteers?

We are encouraging social distancing within our staff room and our staff areas are being cleaned with a viral disinfectant. We are also encouraging fastidious hand washing. We have postponed all animal experiences and animal handling. All staff and volunteers who have had symptoms or live with someone who does are self-isolating for the recommended 14 days.


How are you protecting the animals?

According to the World Health Organisation, there's no evidence that animals can be infected with COVID19. We continue to care for our animals with the highest standards of animal welfare.


Will you be open for Easter?

At this moment, we think we will be closed for Easter. We will open as soon as possible and will keep our visitors updated on our website and social media. 


If you close, how long will this be for?

We can’t say at this time how long it will be for. We will open as soon as possible and will keep our visitors updated on our website and social media.


Will staff still feed the animals now that you are closed?

Absolutely, our dedicated team will ensure that all animals are well looked after and fed during this difficult time. We have contingency plans in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all of our animals.


Bookings and tickets

I have booked day tickets, can I change the date?

We are happy to reschedule all-day tickets for a later date in 2020, once restrictions have been lifted. No tickets will become invalid.


I have an experience or encounter booked, what will happen to this?

We are postponing all Encounters and Keeper Experiences until further notice. If you have a date booked, please call the office for further guidance.


I have a birthday party booked, will this still go ahead?

Unfortunately, due to the guidelines on gatherings, we will be postponing all birthday parties until further notice. Please call the office for more information on 01275 852606.


Can I buy an experience as a gift?

Absolutely you can. Please go to our Experience page on our website. (link) We appreciate your support at this difficult time. We will book dates for experiences later when restrictions have lifted.


Can I buy an animal adoption?

Our animal adoptions are available for purchase. The day tickets are valid for one calendar year and we are happy to extend this if need be.  


Can I buy an animal encounter?

Encounters are available as gifts but currently, we cannot book any encounters in.


Can I book tickets for future dates?

Sorry, but we are unfortunately not taking any bookings for future dates.


My membership is due to expire, can I renew?

Absolutely, you can renew your membership by calling the office on 01275 852606 and we value your support at this time. In the event of a closure, we will extend any memberships for the length of time we are closed.


Now that you are closed, what will happen to my membership?

We will extend memberships to cover the period that we are closed. For example, if we are closed for two weeks, we will extend all memberships by two weeks.

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