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5th September 2017

Our newest arrivals are not so little anymore!

We’ve had a number of exciting animal births this year and they are all growing up so fast. Have a look at what the babies look like now and what they've been getting up to.

Our little joey popped her head out for the first time in March but by this point she was already 7 months old. She started venturing outside of mum Wendy’s pouch in June. This little girl has since been named Brenda and is quickly catching up in size to mum and the rest of the family. Her confidence is growing and she is quite inquisitive, spending a lot of time with everyone in the group.

A young joey sticking her head out from her mothers pouch and a comparison as she stands next to her mum months later.

                                                                                                                THEN                                                 NOW

Little Gus, the Giraffe, created quite the stir when he joined the family on 11th May this year. He has been growing up fast and has built a strong relationship with Zebedee the Zebra. He is five months old now and already measures 7ft tall.

A comparision of young Gus the Giraffe at minutes old and now at 5 months old

                                                                                                                 THEN                                                NOW

In early May a tiny Box Turtle hatched to the delight of our Reptile Keepers. Box Turtles are slow growers and so this little one, at 4 months old, is still similar in size to its hatchling size. This little turtle has been named Yên by the keepers which in Vietnamese means "calm and peaceful".


A comparison of a young Box Turtle at days old and at 4 months old. 


Back in April we gained a fluffy little addition to our Llama family. This little boy has been growing up fast and has since been named Crash Bandicoot. He is a confident and playful lad often charging around the field. He loves to stand at the top of the Llama hill looking down on everyone. 

A side by side comparison of a young llama at days old and 5 months old.

                                                              THEN                                                  NOW

The start of Summer brought a number of new arrivals. Our two female deer gave birth to two beautiful little foals within a week of each other. These two bundles of energy are always entertaining to watch bounding around the field together.

A young deer standing with mum at hours old and a contrasting image of the young calf at 4 months old

                                                         THEN                                                NOW

Our Bison Bertha also welcomed a lovely little girl into the world. We asked visitors to suggest names for her and in the end it was decided the little girl would be called Luna. She has since lost her light, ginger coat and turned a dark brown colour like her mum.

A young Bison with a bright ginger coat lies infront of mum with a contrasting image as a older darker calf.

                                                             THEN                                             NOW

Also this Summer our herd of Reindeer welcomed two little calves, one a snowy white colour and the other a light brown. Both little ones have grown fast, quickly losing their baby coats and gaining their antlers. They have since been named Caesar (brown) and Cleopatra (white) and are always found side-by-side.

A young light brown Reindeer stands in a grassy field. The other image shows the same Reindeer stood with it's white brother.

                                                        THEN                                             NOW


Come and visit us to meet these little characters in person.

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