Christmas Tree Recycling at the Zoo is back!

Article Update

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and the national lockdown restrictions, we are now closing down the scheme for this year and asking people not to drop off trees with us for recycling. We have had a huge number of trees donated up to this point, but we believe that while we have put safety measures in place, the safety of everyone must come first and everyone must do their bit to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the virus. We hope to be back next year with a bigger and better scheme in 2022.


Looking for something to do with your old Christmas tree? Whether you take it down straight after Christmas Day or like to leave it up to brighten your house as long as possible, the zoo can help recycle your tree! 

Noah’s Ark Zoo have been using recycled Christmas trees for animal enrichment and food for their animals for several years. However, in 2020 after a case of mistaken identity with a zoo with a similar name in the US, the campaign took off beyond all expectations.

This year, the zoo is inviting members of the public to drop off their Christmas trees in their drive through drop-off area in the car park between 2nd and 24th January.  Donated trees will be reused and recycled at the zoo, as enrichment for animals big and small. A wide range of animals have enjoyed the festive treats including African Elephants, Andean Bears, Lions, Red Deer, Chickens and more.

This year, the zoo aims to build on the success of last year and has partnered up with North Somerset Council to raise awareness of the recycling initiative to help reduce Christmas tree wastage.  Any excess Christmas trees which aren’t used for animal enrichment will be recycled by chipping the trees for use around the zoo in enclosures and as mulch for flower beds.

Larry Bush, Managing Director of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm commented ““Last year was a phenomenal success with over 1000 Christmas trees donated to the zoo. Our animals loved the experiences - we planted a whole forest of trees for our African Elephants to explore, our Meerkats loved climbing through the branches of Christmas trees and our African Lions rolled around enjoying the scent of the pine needles and rolling around on the trees. We were able to chip any excess trees to use as mulch around our 100 acre site. This year we are hoping to go even bigger and as a green award-winning zoo we’re delighted to team up with North Somerset Council’s recycling team to raise awareness of the different ways you can recycle Christmas trees. With their help we aim to become a drop-off point for many locals who want their Christmas tree to go to good use.”

This year, for the first time ever, the zoo will be open in between Christmas and New Year on the 28th to the 31st of December offering members and visitors a safe and fun environment to enjoy their animals and outdoor adventure play.

As an extra incentive, the zoo is running a special offer “bring a tree and get a free cup of tea” in Noah’s Ark Farm Shop located in the zoo car park.  This will run from 2nd – 24th January 2021.

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