Bengal-type tiger

Scientific Name

Panthera tigris


Bengal tigers are the most common of all tiger sub species and make up almost half the wild tiger population. Found on the Indian subcontinent, they are sometimes also known as Indian tigers. They are powerful animals who like to live alone. Their roar can be heard up to two miles away, warning off potential attackers.

Bengal tigers are the second largest sub species; the biggest is the Amur (also known as the Siberian) which is the largest of all of the cat family. 


Tigers are meat eaters and will eat a variety of meat from deer to wild boar. Tigers can eat up to 27kg in one night but may not eat again for several days. Tigers stalk their prey and pick off the weakest member of the herd.

Size Fact

Tigers can weigh up to 258kg.

Food Fact

Tigers are opportunistic hunters and their diet can range from elephant calves to termites.

Fun Fact

No two tigers have the same stripes.

IUCN Red list

Bengal tigers are classified as Endangered on the IUCN red list.

Where do I live?

Bengal tigers can be found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Our animals

Our Tiger is called Khan.


Daily talk

You can meet our tigers in the Big Cat Keeper talk at 1.30pm each day.

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