Bredl's Python


Bredl's Python

Scientific Name

Morelia bredli


The Bredl’s python, also known as the Centralian carpet python, is a non-venomous snake that has a red base colour with beige, cream, or yellow spots. These spots connect to form lines or stripes on some individuals.

This python has well-developed heat sensitive pits, like most other Morelia species. These trace the line of the mouth on the lower jaw and are used to detect warm blooded prey in the dark.

Breeding takes place in spring and early summer. Like all pythons, females will lay eggs and then wrap their bodies around them (typically laying 20-30 eggs) which hatch about 2 months later.


The Bredl’s python feeds on mammals, reptiles, frogs and birds.

Size Fact

The total length of an adult Bredyl's python can exceed 2 meters.

Food Fact

Here at the zoo, our Bredl’s python eats rats.

Fun Fact

If the temperature gets too cold, mothers of larger species warm their eggs up by ‘shivering.’

IUCN Red list

The Bredl’s python has not been evaluated on the IUCN Red List.

Where do I live?

The Bredl’s python lives in central parts of Australia.

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