Tamworth Pig


Tamworth Pig

Scientific Name

Sus scrofa domesticus


The Tamworth pig is a domesticated pig, believed to have descended from the Eurasian wild boar (sus scrofa).

This breed of pig originates from Tamworth, Staffordshire. The Tamworth is one of the oldest breeds of pig and is recognisable due to its distinctive ginger-coloured hair. The Tamworth is a very hardy breed and is well-adapted to colder climates.

The female gives birth to between 6-10 piglets after a gestation period of 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

There are around 1 billion pigs in the world, most of which are farmed for their meat. It is believed that pork is the most widely-eaten meat in the world.


At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we feed our pigs Sow and Weaner nuts (pig feed). As well as fruit and vegetables.

Size Fact

Full-grown sows can weigh up to 300kg.

Food Fact

Pigs will eat pretty much anything, including excrement, maggots, decaying flesh and dirt!

Fun Fact

In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, pigs represent fortune, honesty, happiness and virility.


They are classed as ‘at risk’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. This is due to the rise in popularity of commercial breeds.

Where do I live?

This pig originates from Tamworth, England.

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