Kunekune Pig


Kunekune Pig

Scientific Name

Sus scrofa domesticus


The kunekune pig is a domesticated species that comes from New Zealand, although its wild ancestors are believed to have originated from Asia. 

They are stocky pigs with short legs. They are also covered in hair which varies in texture. They are usually black and white but can be found in a range of colours.

The kunekune pig faced extinction during the 1970s due to being over-hunted and being bred with other domestic pigs. These pigs are no longer endangered due to a successful breeding programme. However, they are still classed as a rare breed.


We feed our kunekune pigs vegetables and pig nut feed. They also enjoy grazing on the grass in their field. 

Size Fact

They can weigh up to 100KG.

Food Fact

Kunekune pigs can survive on grass alone!

Fun Fact

‘Kunekune’ means round and fat in Maori (the native language of New Zealand)!


Not currently under threat.

Where do I live?

These pigs originate from New Zealand.

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