Blue and Gold Macaw


Blue and Gold Macaw

Scientific Name

Ara ararauna


Blue and Gold Macaw grow to around 90cm in length and weigh about 1500g, they have very distinctive blue tails and wings, with a golden chest.

Pairs of Macaws mate for life and make their nests mainly in dead palm trees. The females lay 2-3 eggs at a time and incubate them for around 28 days. It is usually the most dominant chick that survives as it takes most of the food provided by the parents.


Macaws are herbivores so they eat a selection of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables daily.

Size Fact

A Macaws wings can span over 1 metre

Food Fact

Their beaks are adapted to open large nuts

Fun Fact

They are fantastic mimics

IUCN Red list

Least Concern

The population of Macaws is decreasing but it is not know why. The rate of decrease is so slow that the species are not considered to be vulnerable.

Where do I live?

Macaws can be found in the trees of forest and woodland areas in central and South America. They are most commonly found in Peru, Brazil and Paraguay.

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