Green Iguana

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Green Iguana

Scientific Name

Iguana iguana


The green iguana is a large reptile which is, unsurprisingly, green in colour! Its other distinctive features include a crest of spines that run down the iguana’s head and back. It also has a pronounced dewlap (flap of skin underneath its chin). The males are slightly larger than the females and usually more aggressive.

This animal is primarily arboreal (tree dwelling). They are sociable animals and can be found basking together in trees.

Green iguanas are a very popular pet, despite the fact that they are very difficult to care for. Unfortunately, this means that many pet iguanas die due to poor diet or inadequate enclosures. With proper care, captive iguanas can live for up to 20 years.


Green iguanas are herbivores and eat plant matter.

Size Fact

They can grow up to 2 meters long!

Food Fact

Green iguanas are widely eaten by humans throughout Latin America.

Fun Fact

They are fantastic swimmers.

IUCN Red list

The green iguana is not currently under threat of extinction.

Where do I live?

Green iguanas are native to Central and South America.

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