Scientific Name

Giraffa camelopardalis


Giraffes, as the tallest mammal on the planet, are towering creatures. They grow up to 5.8m tall (that’s 3 times as tall as an adult man!)

Their long necks and tongues allow them to stretch up into the trees and reach as many leaves as possible. Their spindly legs can carry them across the great African plains at speeds of up to 35 miles an hour!

Baby giraffes enter the world with a bump as their mothers usually give birth standing up! They can fall 1.5m to the ground- but usually feet first!


Giraffes are herbivores and mainly eat leaves which they pick directly from the branches of trees.

Size Fact

Giraffes can grow up to 5.8 meters tall!

Food Fact

Giraffes can eat up to 30kg of food per day!

Fun Fact

Giraffes have a special circulatory system which has inspired astronaut suits.

IUCN Red list

Our giraffes are not currently under threat of extinction. However, some species of giraffe are vulnerable to extinction.

Where do I live?

Giraffes roam across the great plains and sub-saharan regions of central, eastern and southern Africa. 

Our animals

Genevieve and Kito.

Adopt me


Meet me in real life

Yes. Big Zoo Animals Keeper Experience.

Daily talk

Yes. Giraffe Talk 11.30am daily.

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