Madagascar Day Gecko

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Madagascar day gecko

Scientific Name

Phelsuma madagascarensis grandis


The Madagascar day gecko is a diurnal and arboreal subspecies of gecko that typically inhabits rainforests and dwells on trees.

Madagascar day geckos are usually bright green but the shade can vary. They have a stripe that runs from the nostril to just behind the ear; this tends to be a red colour. Females are a less vibrant colour and have smaller heads than males. This particular species is the largest of the day geckos. Their tails are usually just as long as their bodies or longer.

They have special feet that aid in climbing. The feet have millions of densely packed hairs called setae, allowing them to walk on vertical surfaces. Their eyes are very large, usually with a circle of bright blue around them. They do not have any eye lids. Male geckos can change colour when they are stressed or if they are ill; colours darken in these situations.


The Madagascar day gecko is an omnivore, feeding on insects and fruit.

Size Fact

Adult geckos can reach up to 28 cms in length.

Food Fact

They like to lick honey!

Fun Fact

Gecko vocalisations can range from squeaks and clicks to barks and croaks.

IUCN Red list

The Madagascar day gecko is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

Where do I live?

The Madagascar day gecko is native to the eastern coast of Madagascar.

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