Common Degu




Scientific Name

Octodon degus


 Sometimes referred to as the brush-tailed rat, Degus resemble a gerbil, but are much larger. Pups are born furred and able to see, and begin exploring soon after birth. Degus are very social diurnal animals.


They are strictly herbivorous, in the wild feeding on grasses and browsing the leaves of shrubs, though they will also take seeds.

Size Fact

 Head-body length ranges from 17-21 cm, the tail from 8-14 cm and the body weight from 170-260g.


Fun Fact

Shedding their tail is a natural defence of wild degus to escape if caught by predators.

IUCN Red list

 Least Concern

Where do I live?

Degus are small rodents that are endemic to central Chile. Found in semi-arid shrubland.





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