Ankole Cow


Ankole Cow

Scientific Name

Bos taurus


Cows were domesticated thousands of years ago and are still farmed by humans for their meat, milk and hides (skin). Cows are ruminants; this means that they have a highly effective digestive system which allows them to get as much nutrition out of their food as possible.

At Noah’s Ark, we have a range of different breeds of cow including the Jersey, Ankole and Highland.

 Ankole cows are native to Africa and recognisable due to their large horns. Some bulls can grow horns that span nearly 2 meters across!


British cows mostly eat grass in summertime and silage (preserved grass) in the winter months. Farmers may also supplement their cows’ diet with cereals and corn.

Size Fact

The average cow weighs about 1,400lbs.

Food Fact

Cows spend between 6-11 hours grazing per day.

Fun Fact

Cows are pregnant for 9 months - just like people!

IUCN Red list

Our cows are not currently endangered.

Where do I live?

Cows are domesticated animals.

Ankole cows originate from Africa.

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