Cockatiel Parakeet


Cockatiel Parakeet

Scientific Name

Nymphicus hollandicus


The cockatiel is the smallest and one of the most widespread species of cockatoo. Like other cockatoos, the cockatiel has an erectile crest that can be raised when the bird is alarmed or excited.

Although many colour varieties have been bred in captivity, the wild cockatiel has a distinctive appearance: It has largely grey plumage, a yellow face, orange cheek patches and a long, yellow and grey crest. It also has prominent white patches on its grey wings.

The female and juvenile cockatiels are duller than the adult male, having less yellow on the face.


The diet of the cockatiel consists primarily of seeds.

Size Fact

The average length of a cockatiel is 29 – 33cms.

Food Fact

This species also feeds on crops such as sorghum, wheat and sunflowers and is considered an agricultural pest in some areas.

Fun Fact

During rain, the cockatiel will often sit with its tail and wings outstretched to bathe.

IUCN Red list

Cockatiels are classified as Least Concern on the IUCN red list.

Where do I live?

Cockatiels are native to Australia.

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