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Half-term fun at Noah’s Ark – and free tickets for teachers!

Looking for a fun-filled family day out at half term? Well, what could be better than a trip to the zoo? Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is the biggest zoo in the South West and our population of amazing animals guarantee a memorable visit – whether you’re at school yourself or taking the little ones out for a treat. Additionally, it’s Schools Open Week here at the zoo – teachers can book in to visit us free of charge!

Half Term Fun

Noah’s Ark offers a special day out for all the family thanks to the wide variety of animal inhabitants that call the zoo home. Not only can you visit our farmyard community where popular British animals such as shaggy cows, gambolling lambs, mighty shire horses and adorable pigs can be petted, but you can admire exotic creatures such as giraffes, big cats and elephants from destinations as far-flung as South America and Africa – all in the same day!



Be sure to drop by our Andean Adventure exhibit where a specially designed viewing platform has just been completed, offering spectacular views of our Spectacled Bears Tupa and Sonco exploring their beautiful outdoor territory.

Andean_Noahs Ark Zoo

One of the best things about Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is that it is an all-weather attraction – so, there’s no need to worry that a bit of drizzle will spoil your half term day out. If the sun does pop his hat on, we have 100 acres of picturesque parkland to enjoy – just pack a picnic and relax in the family-friendly atmosphere. If the temperature drops, just take advantage of our selection of indoor adventure playgrounds, heated indoor exhibits and cosy inside eating areas.

And don’t forget that if you book your tickets online you’ll enjoy a 5% discount!

Schools Open Week

Schools Open Week is also scheduled for half term. From Saturday 28th May and Saturday 4th June, teachers are invited to come and visit Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm free of charge so that they can find out what sort of experiences we can offer pupils on school trips. It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out about our workshops and group activities as well as talk to the Education Team about the Noah’s Ark education programme.


During Schools Open Week, each teacher will be given a teacher’s pack on arrival and are invited to swing by our daily drop-in sessions at the Moatwell Education Barn between 1.30pm and 2.30pm to ask any questions of our friendly team. Other than that, the day is free to do with as you choose! Plan your own itinerary and explore at your leisure. We even offer up to two additional free tickets so partners or children can come along, too!

This event is open to teachers of early years, primary and secondary as well as to any teaching assistants with responsibility for booking school trips. Please do remember it is essential to book a place in advance to take advantage of this offer – contact Rachel Jackson (Education Coordinator) on 01275 852606 or to secure entry.

Endangered Species Day

This weekend marks one of our special annual events here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm – it’s Endangered Species Day! One of the fantastic things about the zoo is that it provides a safe haven for a whole host of amazing animals, many of which are sadly in danger of extinction in their natural habitats.

Although there are many people in the world, like us, who care about the fate of these extraordinary creatures – the World Wildlife Fund is one of the largest organisations dedicated to the protection and restoration of endangered species and their habitats – animals are still suffering at the hands of humans. Whether it’s illegal poaching, deforestation or even climate change, if we don’t take action to ensure the survival of these fragile populations, our children and our children’s children could well grow up in a world where animals such as the gentle giant panda, the majestic Amur leopard and the shaggy Sumatran orang-utan no longer exist.

NAZF Rhinos1

Here at Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo, we are planning to celebrate Endangered Species Day on Saturday 21st May with a selection of special events designed to make a fuss of our most endangered residents. We will be creating special enrichments for our endangered animals between 11am-12pm and again at 2.30pm-3.30pm – and after the sessions you can watch the animals happily enjoying their treats. After all, it is their special day!

Plus there will be plenty of other activities on offer, for both big and little humans alike! There will be an endangered species trail leading around the zoo throughout the day so you can find and learn about all these marvellous animals and understand a little more about why they need our help. We will also be running a raffle as well as holding an assortment of fun games and craft workshops. Endangered Species Day is fun for all the family!

tiger Noah%27s Ark Zoo_World Cup14

So, which endangered residents at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm can you expect to see lapping up the attention on Saturday? Our beautiful white rhinos, Rumba and Rumbull, represent a species with the impressive credential of being the second largest land mammal in the world. We also play host to two magnificent Bengal tigers, Tiana and Khan. Fortunately, the creation of tiger reserves in India over the past few decades has helped to stabilise the numbers of this lordly beast, but there are still only a few thousand left living in the wild.

Our smaller endangered friends include our community of ring-tailed lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs and cotton top tamarins whilst our flamboyant crowned cranes and amphibious axolotls are also deserving of a visit.


Remember that you can save 5% off ticket prices if you book in advance online and, if you plan to visit the zoo a few times this year, why not invest in a membership? Not only does this allow you to visit our animals whenever you want but you will also receive a range of extra benefits, making you truly one of our Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm community.

National Bear Awareness Week – Are You Bear Aware?

From Winnie-the-Pooh to Yogi, the beloved bear has been a part of many a childhood over the years – even for those who have never been lucky enough to see one in real life. This week, it’s time to celebrate these unique and wonderful creatures through National Bear Awareness Week – a campaign held by the organisation Defenders of Wildlife who are keen to draw attention to the plight of the bear in our modern world.
National Bear Awareness Week is held during the third week of May each year. Zoos, libraries, nature centres and alternative wildlife agencies all over the globe play their part in educating the world so we can understand more about these, often misunderstood, animals.

Andean_Noahs Ark Zoo


This year, we are particularly excited about Bear Awareness Week, thanks to the addition of our two newest guests to our wildlife community at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. Our spectacled bear brothers, Tupa and Sonco, have travelled all the way from Frankfurt Zoo in Germany and are now happily settled in their specially designed, 2-acre enclosure.
However, the stark reality for the wild bear is that they may not always have such a happy ending. And sadly, a large part of this is due to the influence humans have on their lives. Building new roads, planting crops and farming cattle are all activities that are occurring at an alarming rate, destroying the homes of the bears we all know and love. Additionally, some people hunt bears because they believe them to be a threat or want to trade their skins, claws or gall bladders.

Here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we are proud supporters of the Andean Bear Foundation, raising awareness for the conservation of the Andean (or spectacled) bears. If you believe that these beautiful animals are worth protecting, why not take a look at their website to see how you can make a donation to help with the work they do?
We would also love you to get involved with our efforts to help people become more ‘bear aware’! In celebration of National Bear Awareness Week, we will be educating people about bears on social media with a special ‘fact of the day’ as well as running a fun caption competition that any of our followers can participate in.

If you want to get up close and personal with some real life bears in honour of National Bear Awareness week, pay us a visit at the zoo to meet our spectacled bear friends. If you visit us on Saturday 14th May, you will even be lucky enough to enjoy a one-off special bear talk, held at 12.45, in celebration of these splendid animals.
Don’t forget, if you book your tickets online in advance, you save 5% on Ticket Office prices! What more excuse do you need?