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Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm celebrates launch of Hollywood film Noah

The story behind Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm‘s name is taking to the big screens with the launch of a Hollywood blockbuster featuring Noah and his mighty Ark.

‘Noah’ is the latest offering from legendary director Darren Arnofsky – known for surrealist films like Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan.

The Biblical story of Noah and the flood is one of the most famous in the world and we’re excited our namesake is making his cinema debut.

All all-star cast featuring Russell Crowe as Noah himself, with support including Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins, brings the Biblical tale to screen in an extraordinary manner.

The $125 million film has had a largely positive reaction among Christian groups, although it has not been without controversy – banned across the Middle East, in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and North African countries for contradicting the teachings of Islam by depicting a Prophet.


As well as taking our name from the Biblical tale, we have a scale model of the Ark here in our Exhibition Room which visitors enjoy exploring.

We follow Noah’s lead with our family theme here at Noah’s Ark. After all, what could be a more fitting example of family values than building a whole Ark to save your loved ones (plus the whole animal kingdom!) from an impending disaster?

And while the story of Noah may seem like an impossible legend, scientists have calculated that the Ark could really have floated.

Postgraduate Physics students in Leicester used Bible passages to work out the dimensions of the boat and found out that it would have been buoyant enough – even with two of every animal on board!

We’ve got plenty of our own pairs of animals here at Noah’s Ark, from our wonderful rhinos Rumba and Rumbull to our two lions and lionesses – and our lovely new elephant Buta will soon be joined by partner Nissim!

Rhinos2_Noah%27s Ark

There’s lots going on at the ark at the moment, with lots of gorgeous little babies to meet – from lemurs to lambs – and special Spring events, including an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19.

Our fun trail will get children in the holiday mood ahead of Easter Sunday by searching for treats around the farm.

As well as exploring and meeting Noah’s Ark animals, families can get involved with novelty games and fun Easter crafts.

The Saturday after will be another fun family day out in Bristol as we celebrate World Tapir Day with a talk focusing around our very of South American Lowland Tapirs – Toby, Tara and their baby Tallulah thrill fans worldwide on their live online web stream.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is open from Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – 5pm giving plenty of time to visit over the Easter holidays.

For more information please visit the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm website or call 01275 852606.


Little lambs and lemurs signal Spring at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

We’ve all got a spring in our step this month with some gorgeous new arrivals here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

The clocks have gone forward, the weather is getting warmer and we’re definitely feeling like we’ve come out the other side of winter now we’ve got little lemurs on the farm!


We’ve now got a family of eight Ring-tailed Lemurs, thanks to the arrival of two new babies to Mum Tamala and Dad Neo! They join our other lemurs Simba, Baby, Rafiki and Rafiri in their large outdoor yard.

They moved in at the end of last summer and have tree trunks and ropes to climb and socialise in, as well as a large indoor heated house to cosy up in.

As well as the exotic lemur babies, we’ve also once more got some lovely fluffy lambs which visitors have been enjoying seeing taking a stroll in the sun outside.


The longer, warmer days are perfect for a day out with the family to see the baby animals at Noah’s Ark.

You can bottle feed the lambs after the Animal Show in the Ark Arena each day at 3pm. This is part of our exciting daily timetable of events and interactive talks.

Our farmyard area is full of all kinds of popular animals – from pigs and chickens to goats, sheep and horses.

You can get up close and hands-on with our animals – from hand feeding the pigs, goats, camels and deer by purchasing animal feed from our shop, through to stroking the horses and ponies in the Animal Show Pens and holding rabbits, chicks and guinea pigs in the Animal Village.

And we’ve also got some special Spring events lined up this month, starting with an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19.

Bring the little ones along for a day out ahead of Easter Sunday. Children will be able to search for eggs and treats around the farm, meeting the Noah’s Ark animals along the way. We’ll have novelty games for families to play and the chance for youngsters to get creative making some fun Easter crafts.

The following Saturday we’ll be celebrating World Tapir Day a day early with a tapir talk and a chance to meet our own happy family of South American Lowland Tapirs. You can also catch famous family Toby, Tara and Tallulah on our live web stream from a webcam in their home.

It’s not been long since our largest resident climbed on board the Ark – Buta, an African elephant. She moved down to us in February from Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool.


She’s our first elephant at our Elephant Eden habitat the largest purpose-built elephant home in northern Europe – and Buta has been enjoying getting used to her spacious new quarters.

And we saw record numbers of visitors stop by in March to meet Buta! She will soon be joined by fellow Knowsley resident, Nissim. The 19-year-old was one of her previous herd so she’ll soon be in good company. He is just finishing up his transport training and, in keeping with the Protected Contact (PC) principles we and Knowsley are following with the elephants, Nissim will only make the journey when he signals he is happy and comfortable doing so.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is open from Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – 5pm. For more information please visit the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm website or call 01275 852606.





Jumbo delivery – our first elephant arrives at Noah’s Ark!

We’re thrilled to announce a jumbo delivery which has brought our first elephant to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm!

Beautiful Buta has arrived at our new Elephant Eden habitat and is settling in well to her luxurious new surroundings.


The £2 million Eden – the largest purpose-built elephant habitat in northern Europe – is now open and its formidable first resident is making herself at home.

Buta is soon going to have some familiar company as 19-year-old Nissim, one of her herd at Knowsley, will also be moving to Noah’s Ark shortly.

Buta is an African elephant who has come to us from Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside, after months of special training. She travelled down in a specially-constructed elephant crate which she had been given access to and training in before she made the journey. This meant she only travelled to Noah’s Ark when she was relaxed enough to do so.

We’ve been working with Knowsley for nine months arranging the move, which allows the elephants to benefit from our new, spacious facilities and gives Knowsley the space to develop their new elephant house, due to open in 2016.

Knowsley’s experienced keepers have been preparing Buta for the move using pioneering Protected Contact (PC) training; a positive, reward-based system which sets the benchmark for elephant handling.

Elephants are encouraged to cooperate with their keepers by being given rewards at a training wall barrier, like a gate or fence. The keepers don’t go in with the elephants (unlike the Free Contact system used by some zoos) instead working with their elephants through training walls.

Safer for both animal and handler, PC allows elephants to take part voluntarily. We are the first zoo to have given elephants PC training before the move and commit to the sole use of PC for the duration of the elephant programme at Noah’s Ark.

20-acre Elephant Eden has been designed to offer enrichment and welfare advances for elephants already living in captivity.

plans for Elephant Eden

Buta will benefit from a range of enriching features including mud wallows, a deep bathing pool and a private area of woodland to graze in.

At Noah’s Ark, Elephant Eden provides deep sand yards and sand fields to explore (which promote good foot health) and Buta will get hot showers – all under the careful watch of Noah’s Ark’s new Head Elephant Keeper Sandra de Rek, who brings 10 years of elephant management experience to the position. 

Visitors can see Buta inside the Elephant Eden barn and outside in her sand yard.

Once Buta has got used to these areas, you’ll be able to see her explore the Elephant Eden habitat, making a fantastic day out in Bristol.

For more information about Buta and Elephant Eden visit the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Facebook page, website or call 01275 852606.