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Come and celebrate Wildlife Day this Saturday!

As the days of blue skies and sunshine become more and more frequent, we are feeling a growing excitement that summer is just around the corner. Even though we are fully equipped for rainy days with our indoor play barns, heated Ark Arena and host of amazing animals to enjoy, there really is no better place to head outside, soak up the sun and get up close to good old Mother Nature than at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. The advent of spring and summer also means the return of one of our favourite annual events here at the zoo – Wildlife Day on Saturday May 7th.

Wildlife Day is one of our most popular annual events here at Noah’s Ark. It is a celebration of British wildlife, nature and conservation efforts with a variety of organisations and charities visiting us to show off the excellent work they do. Look out for the collection of stands around our picnic area – you might recognise names such as the RSPB, Woodland Trust, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the Marine Conservation Trust – providing information about various conservation projects and the animals that need our help. Wildlife Day is not just for families, it’s for anyone with a passion for wildlife!

Wildlife Day pond 2016

On Wildlife Day, visitors can also head behind the scenes here at the zoo to enjoy a sneaky peek at our conservation area and explore our efforts to help British wildlife. Listen to an informative nature talk, try your hand at a spot of pond-dipping to take a closer look at what lies beneath the surface, and embark on our mini beast trail to learn more about the little critters that call Britain home. Other activities on offer include sunflower planting as well as a meet and greet with beautiful Bella the barn owl at 3pm! Just head over to the Noah’s Ark stand, after the fascinating birds of prey display.

Wildlife Day owl 2016

In addition to our Wildlife Day celebrations, there is all the other usual fun of the zoo on offer with our selection of 12 adventure playgrounds and our various daily shows including the Big Cat Feed, Elephant Presentation and Giraffe Talk. You can also get hands on with the animals by holding a rabbit, chick or guinea pig in the Animal Village or purchasing some animal food from our shop and feeding the goats, camels, deer, llamas and sheep – they are often hungry!

Wildlife Day always makes for an enjoyable and educational day out, so consider booking your tickets in advance. Purchasing day tickets online will work out best for your wallet, too – you can save 5% on the regular tickets available at the Ticket Office!


Zoo news from around the world

As well as keeping up with the daily adventures of our wonderful wildlife community here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we also love to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in other zoos around the world. This week, our hearts melted a little when we heard the exciting news all the way from The Smithsonian Zoo in Washington D.C. that a trio of rare, endangered red-ruffed lemurs were born at the zoo’s Small Mammal House.

Red-ruffed lemurs are found in the wilds of Madagascar where they spend their time in the deciduous forests found in the north-east of the country. They are listed as critically endangered due to hunting, trapping and deforestation. The babies were born on April 5th to 6-year-old lemur Molly as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan, a program dedicated to conserving species that are in in urgent need of protection such as the lowland gorilla and the giant panda.

#Smise! 3 critically-endangered red-ruffed lemurs born @NationalZoo! #WeSaveSpecies

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) April 20, 2016

Imagining a world without these beautiful and unique creatures is a sobering thought – many zoos around the world do what they can to stop this happening. Although the birth of any animal is a cause for celebration here at Noah’s Ark, when the babies are an endangered species it is particularly exciting.

We feel very fortunate that our community of Siamang Gibbons are thriving here at the zoo. The World Wildlife Fund describes Gibbons as the most endangered of all the apes. Pay ours a visit next time you drop by! In fact, you may even hear them calling out to you – the Siamang Gibbon is known for large throat sack, which gives it the special ability to amplify its voice. You can hear them hollering from up to two miles away!

Siamangs have a special place at the zoo because they are the focus of an ongoing Ape Campaign by the European Association or Zoos and Aquaria. This campaign has been designed to aid the survival of a variety of endangered apes and the Siamang Gibbon species is currently being nurtured under the European Breeding Program (EEP). So, we are delighted ours are doing so well!

In fact, we have made a change to the way we care for our primates here at the zoo, thanks to ongoing research in the zoo community that reducing the animals sugar intake can improve health and reduce aggressive behaviours. Don’t worry, we haven’t been feeding our monkeys sinful desserts, it’s just the natural sugars contained in fruit that we have moved away from as we seek to improve their diet.

If you’ve had your heart won by our mischievous monkeys and amazing apes, why not consider adopting a primate here at the zoo? Contributing an adopting fee means that you will have adopted the animal of your choice for a year and your donation will help us to care for and feed our primates. Animal adoptions also make wonderful gifts as you receive a cuddly soft toy primate to take home as well as one free admission to visit your animal, a personalised certificate and your name will be displayed at the animal’s enclosure.

The upcoming bank holiday weekend provides the perfect opportunity to pay us a visit here at the zoo! Book online and you can save 5% on your tickets.

A special birthday wish from Noah’s Ark!


Just a few weeks ago, we were excited to announce our 17th birthday here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, and today it is none other than the turn of Her Majesty the Queen to celebrate her very special day. To honour Her Majesty on her milestone 90th birthday, we’re pleased to offer £5 off Family Day Tickets and Child Day Tickets for any children who wear a crown or other item of Royal clothing to the zoo! We’re also delighted to offer Free Entry to any visitors in their 90s. After all, at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we believe there is no age limit to experience the joy of getting up close and personal with our wonderful tribe of amazing animal inhabitants.


The Queen may be unveiling a commemorative plaque and lighting ceremonial beacons to mark her 90th birthday, but we bet she would secretly love to be treated to a trip to the zoo! We can just imagine her meeting and greeting our mischievous meerkats and cheeky monkeys; plus, she would be in good company with our African lions – the King of Beasts are animal royalty, after all!


In fact, a visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm makes an excellent day out for anyone’s birthday. Pay us a springtime visit to welcome our very special new residents – two Andean spectacled bears named Tupa and Sonco. These two-year-old brothers have come all the way from Frankfurt in Germany and it is our pleasure to announce the pair are settling in very well into their new home. Unsurprising really considering their new home consists of a two-acre paradise enriched with hills, dens, deep pool and a sound-proof heated house. This new enclosure is the product of a year of careful research, design and construction, and we believe our inquisitive new residents will be very happy in their new surrounds.


As well as observing a whole range of wildlife from all over the world, it is also possible to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable keeper experience – ideal for a special occasion such as a birthday. Bear in mind our junior keeper experiences for children aged six to ten years are extremely popular during school holidays and on Saturdays – you’ll need to book in advance for all Experiences to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, why not adopt an animal in need to help support our conservation efforts? You can visit your adoptee to see how they are getting on and you’ll even receive a welcome pack including a soft toy of your animal.


In fact, if you want to enjoy the freedom of visiting Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm whenever you wish, consider becoming a Member to get the most value for your money. You’ll even receive 10 discount vouchers for friends and family as well as special coupons you can use in the shop or on Keeper Experiences and Animal Adoptions.


Whether it’s a celebratory occasion or just a fun-filled day out you’re looking for, drop by Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm soon – we look forward to welcoming you soon And, don’t forget, if you book your tickets online in advance, you receive a 5% discount.


See you soon!

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