Exploring the incredible diversity of life around us

Aspiring to an open, critical approach to explain what we see in the natural world.

Did life arise naturally or supernaturally? Can undirected, random processes result in complex life forms or is there evidence to support the notion of a Creator? Can we reconcile our knowledge of evolution and a belief in God? These are important questions for some people.

This section offers some discussion of these subjects and introduces a new approach to looking at the natural world. We encourage you to explore the linked pages at your leisure.

Biological life is a wonderful thing. In our view the evidence currently known points to a 'both/and' situation (creation and evolution) rather than 'either/or': there was an initial creation, followed by a vast amount of evolution, geological and biological. Far from being static, the world was created to be ever changing, unfolding continually new forms and opportunities. We also believe the question of the age of the earth isn't simply one of 'either/or'. We think that evidence shows the world is much older than 6000 years but much younger than 4.5 billion years. We therefore don't adhere to a 'Young Earth Creationist' view, rather a theory of Recolonisation which is described in the linked pages in this section. This view is counter-cultural to some, but we encourage interested readers to explore these questions for themselves.

The Noah's Ark story

The theme of our zoo is Noah and his escape from a primeval global flood. The story is familiar to most of us and of course the image of different animals gathered into the safety of an ark is very apt for a zoo, especially where one of its aims is conservation. But the theme also raises questions about whether such an extraordinary story could be true. The three pages linked below provide some starting points:

More than a choice between two theories

We're often guided into following one of broadly two supposed explanations for the origin and diversity of life, Darwinism or Creationism, the latter often criticised by academics although many people believe in a creator God. As a zoo run with Christian principles, coupled with an appreciation of the diversity of the natural world that has undoubtedly been shaped by evolution; on examination of the evidence we believe an alternative explanation which shares some features with both ideologies may in fact be more accurate. We argue the case for a new approach in this section and the linked pages explore the science of evolution, geology and the age of the earth, and an introduction to Recolonisation Theory.

While we don't profess to have all the answers, we think people should have the freedom to believe in God and know that it makes good sense in relation to the world around them.

If you'd like to learn more about the issues discussed in this section a good resource is our sister website Earth History which goes into greater detail. Another useful source of information is 'From Cows to Tigers: Building Noah's Ark' the recently published book from Noah's Ark Zoo Farm owner Anthony Bush who looks at the science alongside the well-known Biblical narrative.